ThumbMagic makes it possible to perform most of your daily usage without using a stylus. Add appointments/tasks/contacts, send SMS/Emails, calculator & device statistics plugins.

Super productivity in one application:

  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Unified Messaging (Emails[POP3/Activesync])
  • Appointment Radar
  • Open architecture plugin support
  • Built in Device statistics & Calculator plugins
  • Bored of filling FORMS? Not anymore!

Mavens is proud to announce its first software designed for the Pocket PC platform and is called "ThumbMagic". The product is revolutionary in its concept and design enabling the end user to use his/her Pocket PC in a totally different way which was never possible! Imagine using your Pocket PC with just "ONE HAND"....Yes! No need for a stylus for most of your daily usage! Here are some of the main feature highlights:

  • Complete one-handed operation
  • Add appointments, tasks, contacts intuitively using Mavens' innovative linear data gatherer system
  • Send Emails (POP3 & Activesync) through a single unified messaging system in 3 simple steps!
  • Two built in quick access plugins - a full feature calculator & a device statistics plugin
  • Open architecture to support multiple plugins ranging from Weather info, games, mp3 players etc.
  • Track important information on your home screen with the Appointment/Task "Radar"
  • Radically designed interfaces making it the "quickest" way to navigate
  • Completely built-in input mechanisms such as full screen keyboards, time & alarm property pages
  • Easy readability makes it ready to use while on the run!
  • The very "First" 100% skinned interface! That means every pixel that you see is skinnable!
  • Low memory consumption and instantaneous startup and navigation
  • Graphically rich environments with excellent special effects, all at lightning speeds!

ThumbMagic is designed for complete one-handed operation of the Pocket PC device. You can create appointments, tasks, contacts in an extremely intuitive manner without using your stylus! Completely redesigned interfaces for text entry such as a built in qwerty/ abcd keyboards, sequential data input for making the process much simpler makes it a perfect companion on the go! You can also send Emails (multiple POP3 accounts/ Outlook) all through a SINGLE unified 3 step messaging system. Not to forget, all of this can be done without the need of a stylus! Besides, a powerful plugin system which currently comes with two default plugins (a scientific calculator & a device statistics plugin) which takes the potential of expansion to the next level.

Thumb Magic


Thumb Magic 1.4